Occupy Wall Street Protest Currency

Occupy Wall Street Protest Currency

Occupied States of America
The Official Protest Currency of the OWS Movement

Digital print , 7.5" x 3", 2011
Printed two sides
Edition of 1,000

On October 22, 2011, Stephen won a design competition to create the official protest currency of the
Occupy Wall Street Movement.

This is the design that won the competition. The front of the note features a greedy banker exploding with cash. The vignette on the back is of the NY Stock Exchange building grafted onto the US Capitol building.

The design delivered to OWS had some changes: the reverse of the note was ghosted out to allow for people to sign the notes, there was a small message on the front designating that the purchase helped fund the movement, plus the movement's web address. The winning design is displayed here because it is the original, pure vision of the artist, and it will not compete with the OWS version.