The United States of Islam project continues with the Six Dollar note. On the front of this note is the image of Saladin Victorious. Saladin was the famed Islamic warrior who defeated the Crusaders and drove back the Christian armies. In this Cautionary Tale, we see him shown here as victorious over Washington, with his main weapon, oil, at his feet.

As written in the Qu'ran: In Islam there are only two houses, The House of Islam and The House of War. Jihad is encouraged in the Qu'ran as the only guaranteed way to enter into paradise. In the words of Muhammed, it is considered every Muslim's duty. On February 23, 1998, five self-styled Islamic Caliphates signed a fatwa, declaring war against the United States. Before and since then, jihad was waged in New York, Washington, D. C., London, Madrid, Bali, Beslan, Moscow, Mumbai, Jordan, Israel, India, Bosnia, Chechnya, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Thailand, Lebanon, Yemen, Nigeria -- the list goes on and on.

Jihad has been waged against the unbelievers since the time of Muhammed. In the first few centuries of its existance, the armies of Islam swept through Christian Arabia and into Christian North Africa. The conquests continued through the Mediterranean and into southern Italy, Sicily, and into Spain. The fighting pushed deep into Europe as far as Hungary and into southern France before they were repelled by Christian forces. Meanwhile, Muslim Corsairs roamed the Mediterranean, committing acts of piracy on all shipping, taking as many as one million Christian slaves from Europe and more from Africa. The First Christian Crusade in the year 1095 was in fact a retaliation for four centuries of Muslim aggression and conquest. Europe was fighting for its life against invasion and occupation.

The Six Dollar note is a reminder of the events that led up to the First Crusade: the Fall of Jerusalem, the Conquest of Spain, and the Sack of Rome.

In the year 634 AD, the armies of Islam stormed out of the Arabian Peninsula to begin their conquests. One of their first goals was to lay siege and capture the holy city of Jerusalem from the Christians. In just a few years, Muslim armies conquered the Christian countries of Syria, Egypt, Persia, Cypress, and all of North Africa.

The Islamic Caliphate attacked Spain in the year 711 AD, and continued its conquest until 719. Muslims armies occupied Spain for almost 500 years. The Caliphate of al-Andalus was created, and all non-Muslims became dhimmis, second-class citizens who had far less rights and had to submit to humiliating regulations. They were also forced to pay the jizya, a special tax that non-Muslims had to pay as tribute to their Muslim occupiers.

According to Vatican records, the sack of Rome in 846 AD by the Muslims transcended in intensity and horror of human carnage any that had occurred in the past. The Basilicas of St. Peter and St. Paul, and all the surrounding buildings, were razed. Thousands of priests, nuns, and innocents were slaughtered. The city of Rome was not destroyed because the attack focused on the sacred center of Christendom, in the hope of annihilating the Christian faith.


The United States of Islam Six Dollar note was originally released in 2005 as a black and white print. The design was recreated in color in 2008.