Art Connections 7
The George Segal Gallery at Montclair State University
January 2011
  Film Interview
Stephen to be in a documentary film
May 2009
  Moving Money
The exhibition moves to New York City
March 2009
  Moving Money
A show at Stony Brook University
December 2008
  The Artist's Commentary:
New Prints Summer 2008

A political exhibition in New York
June 2008
  STATES, Grow Your Own
An exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo
Contemporary Art Museum in Paris
February 2007
  1001 Art Money
Major Art Money show in Copenhagen
September 2006
  We Could Have Invited Everyone
The UK show travels to New York
July 2005
  We Could Have Invited Everyone
An exhibition in the UK
November 2004
  Saddam Comes Out
"Oil Certificates" debut at the NY Armory Show
June 2003
  JSG Boggs Hits Town
Always an event...
November 2002
  A Gallery Opening Upstate
Dream-Dollars make their gallery debut in Kingston, NY October 2002