Dream-Dollars $91 Series A note, Summer$10

Work and Play are the themes of the Summer note. Like two sides of the same coin, Work and Play are viewed as two of the most important core values in the life of the colony. The reverse depicts several examples of Play, both physical and mental. What is especially interesting is the strong element of fate and chance that are depicted in these examples, which include dice and cards.

Dream-Dollar notes are similar to US currency size: measuring 2 5/8 x 5 7/8". They come packaged in standard US size plastic holders. Each Ninety-One Dollar note is printed on a fine, lavender paper stock by a high resolution laser printer and is hand finished by the artist. Every note has a unique serial number hand-stamped in purple ink and a seal printed in blue ink.


All Dream-Dollars are printed on both sides of the paper.
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Limited Edition notes, hand finished by the artist.